Josephine's Feast - OMG Banana Jam


Josephine’s Feast is an Award Winning Collection of Handcrafted Offerings in the tradition of a European Confiture. They select our fruits from family owned farms and custom blend spices to reflect the flavors of the season. Made by hand in limited small batch quantities. Their preserves, sauces and rubs reflect both the taste of the season and art of the confiseur.

OMG Banana Jam is a tropical banana jam with a hint of cinnamon & spice. We have may customers who simply can't get enough of this preserve and use it on toast for breakfast, on a pb&j for lunch and even over ice cream for desert.

• Swirl into a bowl of oatmeal.

• Add a dollop into yogurt.

• Channel Elvis and add to a bacon & peanut butter sandwich.

• Naturally Gulten Free & Vegan

Ingredients: Banana, cane sugar (vegan), apple, lemon, fruit pectin, vanilla, cinnamon, & spices.

8oz jars
Made in United States of America

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