Mimi's Mountain Mixes - Beer Pizza Crust Mix


Home cooking is made super simple (and yummy) with Mimi's Beer Pizza Crust Mix. Make the best-ever homemade pizza easy-peasy, ready to bake in 30 minutes or less (no rising required). Simply add warm beer or water and vegetable oil – the yeast is in the box. For homemade pizza with a delicious crust, add your favorite sauce and toppings, then bake on a pizza stone or baking sheet. Yep, that's easy-peasy!

What's better than a fresh, hot pizza baked in your own oven?  Absolutely nuthin!  That's right, and Mimi brings her delicious, yeasty pizza crust to your home, easy-peasy.  You add the beer (or carbonated beverage), a teensy-tiny bit of canola or vegetable oil and you'll be hearing, "Buonissimo Y'all"  

Vegan, no soy, no trans fat, no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors 'cause Mimi loves Y'all.

13.0 oz. (makes two 12" thin-crust pizzas or 1 16” thick crust pizza)
Made in United States of America

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